Arabian Nights – dressing up your walls

If you are looking forward to adding aesthetics to your home, then Arabian Nights are your go-to brand. Scheherazade Sandhu, CEO of Arabian Nights with her creative mind is doing some amazing work. She talks to us about her challenges, inspiration, and more in a conversation over a cup of coffee.

Gaining popularity so soon can only mean one thing, that she is doing something worth noting. Telling us about her journey, she says, “looking back at my journey, I can’t believe I’ve already come this far. I’ve had over 100 orders, plenty of lovely client reviews, and loads of appreciation by people over a short span of 5-6 months. It’s been an overwhelming journey so far.

When you convert your passion into your profession you don’t need to worry about success as that is definitely bound to happen. Sharing the same thought, Sandhu says, “success to me is a journey and not the end. when you don’t have to worry about being successful and you just do what you enjoy, is actual success.” As this is what she loves doing, challenges don’t scare her, adding on, she says, “the only motivation I have to face all the challenges is my sheer love and passion for what I do. Losing sleep or having body aches means nothing to me when I have to make a product.”

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