Making health a priority Amrit Deol Fitness

By: Rubika Bedi

Celebrity Nutritionist and an adept health and lifestyle coach, Amrit Deol has taken upon the agenda of making the world healthy. With his tips to his clients, he has made a big change in a number of people’s lives. Here he talks about his journey in the fitness industry and how it inspires him to keep going.

Tell us something about your journey till now?

As someone who has been a fitness enthusiast since the very beginning, I have always quested for proper guidance from people around me. With hundreds and thousands of myths revolving around fitness and diet, it gave me an instant push to bring forward something that’ll break these false barriers. I have and will always swear by a healthy lifestyle rather than a short-term goal. This made me start my journey into the fitness world and reach a point where we have influenced plenty to focus on health the same way we do. We focus on natural ways to gain/reduce weight and avoid the use of supplements.

How do you define success?

To put it straight, success for me is “health, Wealth and Happiness”. As a nutritionist, my success comes with every healthy-looking, happy client. The key to a happy life is living a healthy and nutritious one, success thereby follows.

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