An ‘Innov8ive’ Idea Can Change Your Life!

Meet Dr Ritesh Malik, the doctor-turned-entrepreneur who has revolutionized the Indian office spaces with his innovative ideas

By: Bhavya Gaind

A true philanthropist, an entrepreneur and a motivational speaker are some of the few key roles that describe Dr Ritesh Malik, but what underlines all his roles is an indomitable will, a resilient approach and a persistence to succeed. In an inclusive interview, we get to know more about his trailblazing journey.

You don various hats including that of an Entrepreneur, Investor and Speaker. Which is your personal favorite? Tell us more about your trailblazing journey.

Being an entrepreneur is my personal favourite. The sole reason I invest in startups as an angel investor is the high that I get by being a part of an entrepreneur’s journey! I believe that being an entrepreneur teaches you humility, accountability, interpersonal relationships, trust-building, learning etc. I would always want to be an entrepreneur for life.  Whereas, I am a speaker, because I’m deeply passionate about the society and its impact on our lives.

I’m a doctor by education. I did my MBBS from a rural village in Tamil Nadu called Theni. While I learnt a lot about myself while I was studying medicine, I took a detour from conventional medicine and decided to quit my stint at Ganga Ram Hospital after which I co-founded an augmented reality company called Adstuckm that built, operated and transferred its flagship product Alive App to Times of India.

Ever since then, I have been into entrepreneurship. I’ve been a part of various startups like Josh Talks, Wittyfeed, Ketto, Asimov Robotics, Inc42, Pesto, Wigzo, Sectorqube, Trulymadly, Pepper, Infeedo, Khabri, Upekka, Peesafe, StyleDotMe, Lucideus etc. 

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