“Success is not a one-day thing!”

Employing local artisans and bringing their talent and skill in the limelight came easily to Ayush Baid, the founder of Ellementry

A brand that epitomizes simple luxury through handcrafted lifestyle products, Ellementry aesthetically breathes life into the mundane with exquisite design elements that seamlessly marries functionality. In an exclusive interview, we talk to Ayush Baid, the Founder of Ellementry to know more about the essence of the brand.

Could you walk us through your crucial role in driving the success of Ellementry.

For me, Ellementry is not just a brand; it encourages sustainable living in people by promoting handcrafted products made of earth-friendly products. I believe that when a person uses an Ellementry product, that person not just feels good about the products but also makes the planet feel good.

I studied Data Analytics and the different of nuances of e-commerce during my under graduation at University College of London. Initially, I used my knowledge to promote my father’s B2B export business of handicraft products, but it was my urge to step out of my comfort zone and explore the B2C sector in the Indian market to explore the untapped market for handmade home products in India, especially in the niche category kitchenware. This realization led me to research consumer needs across India, meeting local artists and exploring the demand for branded handicraft products of everyday use and this led to the conceptualization of Ellementry, the first Indian brand that establishes a manufacturer to customer relationship. The strength of in-house manufacturing makes Ellementry stand out because we came up with handcrafted quality products that use natural and eco-friendly material while reviving our cultural roots with a modern silhouette, adhering to international food safety norms.

Today, after two years, I am proud to say that Ellementry has created a space that allows local artisans to showcase their talent and flourish. Ellementry is providing full-time employment to more than 4000 artisans. It is the beauty of their hands, combined with the knowledge passed down from the ages that make our products soulful.

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