An elevated dining experience

An elevated dining experience


LAKE360 is a fine dining restaurant that serves delectable Indian and European grub on a progressive platter. Nestled between acres of greenery, it enchants you with a beautiful lake side setting and a rich flora.

Be it a Goan shack, a beach side café, or a cozy restaurant next to a lake in Udaipur; there is an unmatchable allure that a good food place next to a water body presents. Delhi and the surrounding city restaurants may serve epicurean delights to make NCR the gourmet capital of the country, but the blissful dining experience was only available outside the city. Now, imagine an elevated deck overlooking a lake, cool breeze, glorious flowers, birdsongs and scrumptious food… This dream setting has found a spot in National Capital Region’s popular retreat Karma Lakelands’ new restaurant, LAKE360.

Sauntering vistas lead you to the elevated deck where soulful music and balmy winds fill the atmosphere. Mildly lit, the place smells of fresh flowers mixed with a mist fragrance from the lake. I find a spot at the table in front of a huge bougainvillea tree. The bright pink bracts form a beautiful backdrop for my IG stories and posts. The tables are softly lit and serve high teas and dinner, all days of the week. 

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