Youth is Finite, Opportunities are endless

By Rubika Bedi

Pesident of one of the strongest, most profound and youth centric foundation of our nation, Brinder Singh Dhillon is a man of his words and deeds. As President of the Punjab Youth Congress, he visions to provide a future that’s one cut above and revolves around succoring the youngsters out there who are in dire need of opportunities and growth in the coming times.

Tell us about Punjab Youth Congress and the vision behind it.

The youth wing of the Punjab Congress has a vision broader than one can envisage. As the President of Punjab Youth Congress, I vouch for the young citizens of our nation, they are the future, and they will have us by their sides whenever the need be. We have a broad vision of bringing youngsters from non-political backgrounds to come forward. Those with a strong will to work for the society, have the zeal and courage to not fall, come what may, are the youngsters we are always eager to help. I am a strong believer in gender equality and encourage young females who are in search of an opportunity to be a part of the political world to come forward. Women are strongly promoted and are offered various positions in our party.

What challenges do you face on a daily basis as the President of the Punjab Youth Congress?

Challenges are plenty but I personally like to take them all up with a positive outlook and continuously motivate the youngsters to do better and move forward. Whether it’s the agendas that the opposing parties throw at us or the general disappointments our youngsters face, I make sure they never lose the vision and always look at the broader picture. It is my duty to always keep them aware that no matter how tough the path is, there are no shortcuts. Hard work is the key and if they don’t bear the results immediately, they’ll have to stay motivated and achieve what they’re here for, with patience.

What is your biggest achievement to date?

I believe in working towards our set goals and making sure the youth of our nation stay focused too. I personally do not think I have achieved anything that I can boast about. I proudly work every single day of my life for the youngsters which in itself is a big achievement. But in literal terms, there is a long way to go and many achievements to come my way. As of now, I am only here to motivate them and stand by their side.

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