Why you should count your calories daily

Today’s fast paced lifestyle hardly allows any room for activity. Thus, the best way to keep a healthy lifestyle is to count your calories

Inspector Harinder Singh Sekhon

Individuals today are caught in a rat race. Efforts to get ahead often result in sacrifices and mostly the victim is your own health and lifestyle. So you are caught up at work every day and cannot go to the gym for some time or hit the jogging track in the evenings. What to do to achieve your fitness goals in such situations? The answer is that you track the calories you consume every day. This is not a method to just lose weight. It helps you maintain weight if you are healthy, gain weight if you are underweight and obviously helps you lose weight if you are overweight.

It is important to remember whatever your goal is – gain, lose or maintain; physical activity cannot be completely avoided. So, how does it work? There are three important aspects:


Consumption of calories is broken down to a healthy ratio (irrespective of your goal), which is ideally 40:40:20 for proteins, carbohydrates and fats respectively. Ideal is applicable as this is effective in most cases but biology is different for everyone and depending on a number of factors about your body, the ratio changes in certain cases.

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