When Sky is the Limit!

Meet Shubham Goyal, the young Director of Highland Park Homes who has efficiently revolutionized how the real estate industry operates in the region

By: Bhavya Gaind

Dynamic, versatile, visionary (and bachelor, winks!) are some of the few adjectives that precisely describe twenty eight years old, Shubham Goyal who ventured into the real estate industry about half a decade ago and ever since then, he is efficiently surpassing benchmarks with each passing day.

The man behind the spurring success story of Highland Park Homes, Shubham has taken the APS Group (his family business) to new heights with his wise acumen and visionary approach.

A graduate in Marketing from Sydney, Shubham staunchly believes in the power of innovation and the same translates in the contemporary abodes designed by Highland Park Homes.

In an exclusive tête-à-tête, we discover more about what led him to the zenith of success, his opinion on government policies and lots more!

Tell us about your role in the spurring success story of Highland Park Homes?

As the Director of this project, I am involved in all Construction, Operations and Purchasing tasks of Highland Park Homes. While undertaking all the tasks, I always step into the shoes of my customers and ensure that I take the best decision for them. In the real estate industry, there are infinite ways to look out for cost cutting. However, my priority has always been to give the best to my customers. I stay abreast with the ever-evolving market trends and translate the same into my project.

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