Making a Difference

The young and visionary Abhay Singh Dhillon is creating ripples of change in the society with his philanthropic approach towards life

Hailing his roots from a political family in Gidderbaha, Abhay Singh Dhillon has been passionate about serving the society since a very young age and that’s what motivated him to take the road less travelled and contribute his bit towards the betterment of humanity.

The proud son of Amaanat Kaur Dhillon and Sandeep Singh Dhillon, the Manager of New Deep Bus Service Punjab and senior Akali leader, Abhay is presently pursuing Bachelors of Arts from the much-coveted Kings College London. Parallel to his studies, he leaves no stone unturned to make a difference in the society with his philanthropic initiatives. Here’s more about this young visionary!

You have carved a niche in politics and social activism at such an incredibly young age. Walk us through your trailblazing journey?

No one ever plans to end up as a politician; I still do not consider myself as one but yes, I did see my entire family deeply involved in our area helping out people. I think the joy of helping people truly in need is the force that pushed me into this sphere, and once I had started all my social services programmes I don’t think we looked back. Fortunately, everything that I wanted to do in the constituency slowly took its own steady pace and manifested into what it is today.

What motivated you to venture into this profession? 

Seeing both my father and uncle work tirelessly and fearlessly for their people gave me the inspiration and motivation to do something similar, if not more, in my lifetime.

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