When Fashion Meets Tradition

Meet the super duo of Taniya Sidhu and Rupinder Kaur who are taking the fashion paradigm in the region a notch higher with each passing day!

Jalandhar-based Taniya Sidhu and Rupinder Kaur always had a penchant for fashion and as they grew up, they together decided to take plunge and convert their passion into their profession.

It all started with a piece of advice from our loved ones. We had always believed in customizing our outfits and adding our not so common ideas to it,” shares Sidhu who has two-years of professional experience of being a lawyer.

I remember a few years back we were given the unofficial charge of customizing dresses for the whole family for an upcoming function and as result, we garnered praises and it turned to be our first official order. This triggered our thought process and we were completely fascinated with the idea of making this as our career,” explains Kaur who has four-years of professional experience as a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Staying abreast with the ever-evolving fashion trends, the duo believes that “change is the only constant” and this phrase truly fits the world of fashion.

For us, nothing in the world is more enchanting than tradition and emotions. Moreover, we have always believed in adding the emotions of the bride to her outfit that’ll be describing her feelings and this urge of bringing our ideas to the table brought us to the career of fashion designing,” says Sidhu.

Humble Beginnings

The beautiful journey for the duo started three years ago and ever since then, they are honing their fashion acumen and serving happy clients.

We started from scratch and honestly speaking, we made a plethora of mistakes but that is how one moves ahead and that’s what tells all about one’s determination. It was a series of ups and downs which made us more passionate to stick to the ladder of success,” smiles Kaur.

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