Weaving Punjab’s Virsa into Threads of Tradition

Rooted in a deep admiration for traditional attire and inspired by family values, she set out to create a space where quality, tradition, and craftsmanship come together. In a conversation with Nikita Agarwal, Harlep Pirzada, Founder, Threads talks about the ethos that sets her brand apart, her unwavering commitment to Punjab’s heritage, and valuable insights for brides-to-be navigating the realm of wedding fashion.

What inspired you to start with your brand, Threads?

From the earliest days of childhood, a love for suits ignited the spark that led to the birth of Threads. Fueled by memories of my father’s fondness for vibrant suits and a persistent desire to don those elegant ensembles, the idea took root. Despite my mother’s urging for more contemporary choices, the allure of suits remained. The vision to deliver impeccable quality and punctuality in stitching propelled me to turn this passion into reality, starting from my mother’s very own home along with my sister-in-law.

How do you balance traditional and modern preferences in designs?

My heart truly beats for the traditional, reflecting my own personal style. However, I’m attuned to the desires of our customers. While my focus rests on preserving our culture and heritage through traditional wear, I embrace modern designs when the call arises. I see Threads as a medium to carry Punjab’s rich legacy into the world of fashion.

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