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Nutritional Insights for a Healthier You

Ready to dive into the world of nutrition? Nikita Agarwal in conversation with Anvita Chhatwal an enthusiastic nutritionist and an expert who unveils the realities of healthy living. From breaking myths to sharing skin and hair tips, she shares some interesting insights. The brides and grooms should also take note of the tips she shares to get that pre-wedding glow.

What motivated you to become a nutritionist?

My inclination towards healthy eating was deeply rooted in my family’s practices. Growing up, I observed their mindful approach to food and health. I wanted to delve deeper into this subject, which eventually led me to become a nutritionist. Around 13 years ago, I began my journey in this field.

Can you share strategies for weight management with proper nutrition for an Indian body?

Certainly, it’s crucial to embrace local, native, and seasonal foods. Go for natural choices over commercialized and processed options. Tailor your portion sizes and meal timings to your daily routine, activity levels, and calorie expenditure. Remember, there’s no such thing as “bad” food; it’s the right portions and timing that matter the most.

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