Valentine’s Day Thoughts

A guide for all the teenagers out there!

By Shhanaz Husaain

Valentine’s Day brings relationships to the fore. It is not only a time for giving and receiving, but also of some introspection. Along with romance and happiness, it can also bring confusion and uncertainty about the right way to go relationships and the right way to behave or respond.


What is “dating” or “going steady” all about?  It certainly implies a commitment. It involves being faithful to one person. Don’t be in a hurry to get into a steady relationship, if you are still in your teens. You need time to know how compatible both of you are. Most of all, you need time to get to know yourself. During the teens, the personality and emotions are changing and maturing. The chances are that you may not feel the same way about the person a year later. So, it is important to decide on the level of your commitment if you like a particular person. Going out in a group can also be fun. In a group, you can feel more comfortable and it still gives you the opportunity to talk and be with the special person. And, you don’t have to search for things to say when the conversation lags, because there are others to keep it going.

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