Gender Bias & Media

Anchor & Actor, Anushka Arora debunks the scenario of gender bias in media; speaks on the #MeToo movement, feminism and lots more

Media forges upon insecurities of an individual, i.e. it works like a pesticide – feeding upon inadequacies.

Being a huge part of everyone’s life, the media plays a crucial role. Its essence lies in the fact of being a light-bearer, instead, the industry has hugely transformed into gaze attractor.

With an upsurge of #MeToo movement, where the majority lies with women speakers and victims, it is essential to understand that the power lies within equal human rights aka feminism and not females, in particular.

Generations have passed and there are innumerable accounts of suppression men and women have faced in the name of patriarchy. A certain waist, shoe, figure/physique, hair, eyes, brows, moustache, etc. is required to “fit in,” according to superficial standards humans created for their counterparts.

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