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Unveiling the secrets of luxury with Anita Kaul

The luxury fashion enthusiast, Anita Kaul who is also a fashion blogger and content creator shares her insights on fashion, style, and the art of luxury. From her favorite fragrance to her most prized possession, she takes us on a journey of indulgence and elegance. Read on to discover her tips for shopping and why Lake Como holds a special place in her heart.

What does Luxury mean to you? Define luxury in your own terms.

Luxury to me is being myself uninterrupted, spending quality time with myself, and being in the company of my loved ones, particularly my husband. It’s having the time and means to pursue and indulge in the activities and hobbies I enjoy, while maintaining a happy, content, positive mindset and a fit, healthy body.

How would you explain your sense of fashion and style?

Chic, Classy, Vibrant and Sophisticated. I don’t like to follow trends. Anything which makes me comfortable, confident, distinguishes me as an individual and brings out the best in me is my Fashion and Style Mantra.

What are those 5 things that you look for when buying a luxury item?

I always keep an eye out for something that catches my attention and appeals to my senses. Whether it’s a stunning color palette or a unique design, I want it to be visually striking. Of course, I also look for high quality craftsmanship, something that I know will stand the test of time and not lose its charm over the years. And let’s not forget about value for money! I want to know that my investment is worth it. Finally, a brand with a reputation for excellence is a must-have for me.

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