Unveiling the secrets of diet and wellness

Explore the world of diet, nutrition, and overall wellness as Dr. Harpreet Arora, founder, Aahar Vihar and an ayurvedic consultant talks to Nikita Agarwal. Along with bursting various misconceptions, she also shares various tips for leading a healthy lifestyle.

What motivated you to specialize in diet clinic and also focus on skin and hair care?

It came from observing the impact of diet and lifestyle choices on patients’ health. While working alongside renowned doctors, I noticed that patients who solely relied on medications without making any dietary or lifestyle changes didn’t experience significant improvements. This realization drove me to specialize in this field and emphasize the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. My brand, Aahar Vihaar, derives its name from the combination of “aahar” (food) and “vihaar” (lifestyle). I witnessed positive transformations in the hair and skin health of patients who adopted a healthy diet and lifestyle, which led me to introduce Aahar Vihaar products eight years ago.

How does nutrition impact the health and appearance of the skin and hair?

Proper nutrition supports the health and appearance of the skin and hair by enhancing the digestive power (jatharagani), boosting metabolism, and allowing the body to focus on healing and nourishing the skin and hair.

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