Two Decades of Remarkable Entertainment

 The hustlers who brought lights to the sleepy streets of Chandigarh, life to the spaces of the city, the Can and Able Entertainment designed a new way of living, and the innovators of nightlife in the city beautiful

When people would rush to Delhi and Mumbai for a cumbersome yet much needed Saturday night, Can and Able Entertainment brought night-life to the city itself. With more than 5000 events and activities in their basket for various clients in the last two decades, these entertainers have achieved the greatest milestones through their experience and consistency. 

From event organising to motion pictures, digital platforms to golf tours, Can and Able Entertainment remarkably completes its 20 years of operations in Chandigarh. A pioneer in giving City Beautiful a makeover in terms of events and an active nightlife, this entertainment company has truly stood by a dynamic approach and innovative skills to cement their presence not only in cities but also in the hearts of people. 

With the remarkable growth and excellence, Can and Able Entertainment has not only left its footprints in Chandigarh but has also flagged its presence in Delhi, Mumbai and Dubai

Among its major achievements as an event management company are -the Paragliding World Cup, CCL with Salman Khan and World Wrestling Event. The team of event curators have also worked closely with the Prime Minister’s Office

“Chandigarh was once considered the heaven for retired people, leaving a space to be filled for the youth. With the streets getting empty at about 8:30 every night, we realised the city demanded more and had greater potentials to be explored. On the other side, we were closely knitted with the fashion and entertainment industry in Delhi, giving us a heads up to bring a wave of night riders in the city,” says Munish Arora, the brain behind Can and Able. 

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