Turning Brides into Queens

Aren Jewellers

They started their journey from Jaipur and are now present internationally as well. They vouch for producing the best quality of gemstones and make sure to deliver the finest with each and every piece of their jewellery. The team, behind Aren Jewellers talks about their journey and their dedication towards making every woman smile with their passion for delivering purity.

Your vision behind your brand and your journey till now?

Our vision was to start the brand on the pillars of clarity, truthfulness, and honest proceedings. Today, Aren Jewellers marketed itself as the one that can be trusted and thus people are like a family to us now. Our journey was full of ups and downs, but we never gave up and continued to extend the brand initially in India. Today we have our stores in the international market as well.

What has been the biggest challenge for you till now?

After gathering the love from our very own culture in Jaipur it was challenging to extend and introduce our brand to Chandigarh. We were petrified of people’s reactions and were in constant confusion. But with God’s grace, we received their love like it was a dream and now we have a big Aren family.

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