Trishla City – Here every day feels like a vacation

With a visionary leader who loves nature and believes in being transparent with his customers, he has nurtured Trishla Group since the very beginning with his beliefs and ethics. Their latest project, Trishla City is engulfed with lush green environment and has the head of the family, M.D., Trishla Builders, Harish Gupta living in the same township. In conversation with the team, they tell us about the unique gardens at the township and more.

The brand has been in the industry since 1992. How has the company evolved in all these years? Trishla group’s history commenced in a small town of Himachal Pradesh with a dream of our M.D Harish Gupta to gift a shawl to his beautiful wife, Director Deepti Gupta, from there came the idea of manufacturing shawls, and eventually they both together turned it into the most successful and largest woolen clothing business in the state, with recognition all across the country. Fast forwarding to 2005 they entered into the real estate business of Tricity by purchasing 1 apartment and reselling it after doing some renovations, one thing led to another and eventually they initiated their first project of 348 apartments; the love, trust and recognition Trishla brand had earned in their clothing venture paid off, as they received immense response in sale of that project. By now Trishla family had gotten so big that with their love and support the Directors of the company weren’t just steppingstones, they were climbing mountains!! They went on and delivered their second project, a commercial hub comprising of over 400 showrooms, shops, sohos in an 8-storey building. In 2011 the group took its biggest leap and launched one of the largest projects in Tricity, which they named Trishla City, suffice to say it is a “City”, offering almost 1000 luxurious apartments, state of the art amenities, lush green environment making it the most sort for and the most expensive project in its market till date!! Trishla group had cracked the code for a successful business, they set their ethics at the highest standards and promised to provide the best of anything they do. Trishla went Global!! Branching out into more divisions, Trishla Group has