The Boss Lady of Real Estate in Punjab – Rosy Singla

Tell us about your journey in the real estate industry?

I’ve always been an ambitious woman, there were no particular plans or preferences that led me to this industry, being from a business background I was able to understand the workings of this industry well and was quite taken by it. I really enjoy my day-to-day operations, so things kind of escalated and I came to love this field of work. I don’t believe in running in the day-to-day rat race, I believe in being a trendsetter and breaking the barriers of the society. My experience has been quite thrilling and rejuvenating, since I face challenges on a regular basis which keep me quick on my feet. I inherited my entrepreneurial skills from my father, who taught me everything about business.

Roselyn Square is a magnanimous project and is the pride of Punjab, tell us about that. With the increasing standards of living of people and their constant exposure to the western culture, people are looking for better entertainment options and shopping avenues. Everything is getting modernized; from the way you eat to the way you shop and the way you travel. With a motive of adding a modernized touch to the city, we decided to come up with this quintessential fusion called Roselyn Square. Through Roselyn I wish to gift people the promise of a sophisticated edifice, laced with all the luxuries and amenities to make their experience potentially satisfying. It gives my team and myself immense pleasure to burn the midnight oil in order to present our customers with formidable products and services. The love of one warm thought means more to me than any amount of money. Our only desire is to leave an everlasting imprint in this field.