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Things to keep in mind while travelling with kids!

By Preety Tyagi

Travelling with babies and little kids is never easy and more so take care of their nutritional needs can also be a challenge while onboard. It is hence advisable to go well prepared to start with, to have a smooth journey with kids. There are many things to keep in mind apart from just the food requirements.

Here are some tips that can make you travel with children an easier journey:

  • To begin with, talk to your kids and prepare them mentally about the whole travel scene. This obviously depends on the child’s age. So, kids above the age of 3 years can easily understand and can be taught the common behavioural requirements of being on public transport. Teach them about the queue discipline that will help them stay calm while they will be waiting for their turn at check-in. Talk to them about private space of everyone in a public space. Also, about basic mannerisms to be aware of.
  • For babies, always carry enough baby food, water and essentials for the baby. Best is to carry the foods that the baby loves. Always, carry a scarf or a nursing cover to be able to breastfeed your baby, comfortably without feeling ashamed. Also, is advisable to carry soundless toys, baby books, teether, sippy cups, plenty change of clothes, diapers and baby wipes. Follow strict hygiene for your baby even on the plane to prevent him from the infection carrying germs often found in public places.

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