Transforming Reality

Tejpreet Singh Gill, the man behind the oldest and the most trusted institution of the Real Estate sector, provides an insider’s view into the stirring success story of the Gillco Group

What started with the belief that simple things bring us the greatest joy, eventually led the Father of Tejpreet Singh Gill lay the foundation stone of the Gillco Group and ever since then, the group has been building lifelong relationships with its clients.

“Gillco Group has been the oldest and the most trusted institution of the Real Estate sector. It has been an extremely rewarding journey spanning across almost 2 decades till now,” shared Gill.

Here are excerpts from an exclusive interview with this visionary leader:

You are more into building homes. What makes you different when it comes to delivering a home as compared to others?

One’s most prized possession in life is a sacred space that we call home. At Gillco the aim has always been to provide a world-class product that instils in the buyer a sense of pride & accomplishment. We have always stood unique based on deliverance and quality – providing solutions not empty promises. Our vision is focused on finding sustainable and environmentally sound solutions.

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