5 Super-Foods for Winters

This winter season, stay fit and healthy by incorporating these superfoods in your diet!

1. Spinach: Green leafy vegetables like spinach are a great source of iron which reduced tiredness, fatigue, and lethargy which is a must requisite in winters. During winters, we often come in contact with cold or flu. So, it is imperative that our immune system functions properly and this process can be boosted with the help of green leafy vegetables like spinach that are high in zinc and iron.

2. Porridge: Kick-start your winter morning with a rich bowl of porridge which will keep you energized and healthy throughout the day. It is a convenient and soluble fibre that is good for your diet intake. To add more health and taste to your breakfast, you can top it with nuts or seeds and some seasonal winter fruits such as apples, pears cranberries or date.

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