Training the “Ambassadors of Progress”

Dr Neeru Bali, Founder and Ms Puja Thapar, Managing Partner of Edcosmo are efficiently paving the way towards quality education. Here’s how!

By: Bhavya Gaind

The journey of Dr Neeru Bali and Ms Puja Thapar started with creating awareness amongst children and their parents to go for quality education from reputed institutions in India & abroad and ever since then, the trail is seen to be on an uphill.

A doctor by profession, Dr Neeru Bali has spent a major part of her life in the care of ailing humanity. Along the way, almost 8 years ago, it dawned upon her that the one thing our people need most is quality education. With rapid progress occurring worldwide, predominantly in the field of ‘Information Technology’ it has become obvious that for the alleviation of the masses and also for progress for everyone, dissemination of knowledge was absolutely essential. Her strongest pillar of support and the Managing Partner of Edcosmo, Ms Puja Thapar is a graduate in commerce and the Managing Partner in Floorex Titles. Ms Thapar is a certified career counsellor and life coach who has been imparting voluntary emotional counselling and guidance to students even since times immemorial. She is also an active member of Indian Women Networking (IWN) and Confederations of Industries of India (CII).

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