This festive season stay acne-free with AcneStar

Mankind Pharma has been giving easy and effective solutions to some of the common health issues. It has now come up with its quick-fix solution for the acne that pops up especially during the festive season. In a conversation with Joy Chatterjee, General Manager, Sales & Marketing, Mankind Pharma, he talks about their marketing strategy and how AcneStar can help you get rid of acne and look flawless.

With the increasing pollution and unhealthy diets, these days many people are fed up with acne popping up all the time on their faces. While talking to Joy Chatterjee, General Manager, Sales & Marketing, Mankind Pharma, he told us why and what kind of acne mostly takes place, “There are a couple of reasons behind the occurrence of Acne such as hormonal imbalance. These hormones signal the body to produce more sebum. Excessive sebum secretion clogs the pores, resulting in the growth of acne-causing bacteria. Other than this, greasy foods are another reason behind pus-filled breakouts. The oil content in the skin is further boosted by junk foods which further deteriorates the skin’s condition. It all begins with redness which eventually turns into a stubborn pimple. Even not following a proper diet, an overlay of pollution and dirt on the skin can also worsen the acne on one’s face.

There are various types of Acne and are divided into two parts: – Inflammatory or Non-Inflammatory.

Non-Inflammatory acne includes Blackheads and Whiteheads. Usually, these don’t cause swelling. On the other hand, red and swollen pimples are known as inflammatory acne. Other than the combo of sebum and dead skin cells, bacteria further worsen the condition of such types of acne. It causes an infection beneath the skin’s surface, which leads to painful pimples and stubborn scars.”

They have recently launched a simple solution to this widespread problem by the name of, AcneStar. “To get rid of the problems, AcneStar, gives relief from acne, regardless of its type. Its effective formula that includes Clindamycin Topical and Nicotinamide Topical, attacks the acne-causing bacteria to give you healthy and acne-free skin. AcneStar which is available in Soap, Gel and Face wash can give you permanent relief from Acne, regardless of its type. Its effective formula attacks the acne-causing bacteria to give you a healthy, radiant, and acne-free skin,” explains Chatterjee. 

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