“There is No Substitute to Hard Work”

Harkirat Singh, Managing Director, Aero Club (The Maker of Woodland and Woods) sheds light on his entrepreneurial journey, atmanirbhar initiative, and lots more!

Meet Harkirat Singh, the visionary entrepreneur who spearheads the success story of Woodland and Woods.

Hailing his roots from a family of industrialists, Singh took over the responsibilities of Woodland at a very young age and as he grew up, he decided to pursue his passion of making the perfect footwear. So, to pursue his passion, he attained a degree in a marketing course from Harvard Business School and Philology from Moscow University. On completion of his academics, he joined business full time concentrating on exports to Europe and the US.

Singh has made a significant contribution toward the brand Woodland which is now properly known as “the maker of tough shoes”. His love for shoes led to the creation of adventure footwear category back then when the footwear market in India was completely unorganized.

He firmly believes that the most important factor that contributes to Woodland’s success has been the adherence of strong values and vision of the company.

Apart from work, he pursues his personal interests and hobbies at a constant pace that vary from tennis, golf, all adventure sports, book reading, and follower of good music as well as a technology freak. He is also a lover of niche automobiles including cars, bikes etc.

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