The Social Changemaker

Meet Karan Gilhotra, the visionary entrepreneur who firmly believes in always putting his best foot forward!

For Karan Gilhotra, Chairman, PHD Chamber of Commerce Punjab, success begins with satisfaction; just like the great Ayn Rand in her magnum opus “The Fountainhead” subtly defined success as an innate feeling of fulfilment.

A visionary who staunchly believes in giving back to the society, Gilhotra shares, “Success is all about giving back to the society of what it has so kindly bestowed upon me and my family. I come from a business background and I have seen the kindness of God. So, I simply wish to spread that joy among others, especially those in need.” Here’s more about his journey!

Walk us through your ‘Atmanirbhar’ entrepreneurial journey. How has the experience been so far?

I truly believe in Atmanirbhar Bharat. As an entrepreneur, climbing the ladder of success was a challenge because it was embedded in people’s mind that something foreign is something better than Indian. We direly need to change this mindset. As an Indian, I want to see the upliftment of Indians through the Make in India initiative. For, it is in our country and our countrymen that we can build an Atmanirbhar Bharat completely dependent on itself. One of my key initiatives through God’s grace is the upcoming Plaksha University which will aim to have standards like Stanford, however it is made in India, made by Indians, for Indians and for the greater good of society which needs one immortal thing and that is education and knowledge.

What has been your key role in taking your brand/ organization to new heights?

The key role is teamwork; for it is with others and through the help of others that one can be a successful leader. However, it is very important to give. Karana from the Mahabharata was a Daanveer. I follow that principle and with my initiative in Fazilka, my hometown, I have made graduate and post-graduate degrees free for students. Education can bring a change in the country that we need to see, and I also distribute smartphones and laptops because we know with the advancing technology, student need such devices.  

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