The ‘Young Urban Guy’

The Founder of lifestyle and fashion brand, Young Urban Guy, Mr Puneet Tandon speaks to us about his triumphant trail

Hailing his roots from the City Beautiful, Puneet Tandon moved to Mumbai to pursue his MBA, following which he worked in the digital marketing arena. However, he soon decided to give wings to his entrepreneurial ability which led him to lay the foundation stone of Young Urban Guy.

What inspired you to initiate Young Urban Guy? What is the story behind this name?

I have always had an interest in fashion and lifestyle. I learned about this space through my own study of the industry and the academic certifications I undertook. With the advent of Instagram, it gave a new avenue for home-grown fashion labels to reach out to the young audience and get them to experience fashion products that match their (the audiences’) personality.

The target group, while ideation, for this brand was a new evolving demographic known as Young Urban Males (or Yummies). The brand name came as a play on the nomenclature of this demographic (and later, post confirming the availability of the domain name). The idea was to create a label that had a personality that matched this particular demographic of people who were getting accomplished at a young age and were ready to experiment and spend on themselves rather than conforming to the norms of the society that expected them to get married early and start a family and wait till senior years to show their social standing.

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