Celebrity Make-up Trends

People look up to them, admire them and naturally want to look like them!

Being in the beauty business, I have known about the changing beauty, make-up and fashion trends, but I never follow them. I have never followed fashion fads. I design my own clothes and have always decided on my own look, according to what I believe suits my personality. But, there is no doubt that people are influenced by the make-up looks of celebrities and what they wear. I think it is natural to be influenced by film stars, for instance. People look up to them and admire them, naturally want to look like them. In fact, Bollywood influences fashion and even bridal looks for most Indians. Actually, well-known designers, make-up experts and hairstylists style the look for celebrities, taking individual features, hair texture or skin colour tone into account. But, most people cannot afford them. For them, following celebrity trends is a much easier way out.  Of course, they find the look of film stars appealing. In fact, some celebrities actually create trends and do play a major role in setting trends. As I said, it’s natural to follow them.

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