The ‘Water’ Mantra

Here’s a quick guide to hydrate your skin from the inside-out!

By Shahnaz Hussian

During summer and the monsoon season, it is so important to stay hydrated. The body can lose water and become dehydrated due to heat and humidity. Water is absolutely essential to life. More than 70% of the human body is made up of water. The water content in the body remains constant and the excess is excreted. Since we lose water daily, we need to replenish the loss daily too. In a healthy person, the water requirement is easily met by drinking water.

The major constituent of blood is water. It is the fluidity of blood that helps in transporting nutrients, oxygen and even wastes in the body. Water also helps in the efficient elimination of wastes. It helps to flush the system, aids the functioning of the kidneys and prevents constipation.  Drinking enough water helps to keep the system cleansed and flushed of toxins and wastes. Indeed, water is very important for the whole body and vital organs. We need to drink more water during hot and humid weather. Those who exercise also need to drink more water, to replace what the body loses through sweat.

According to expert opinion, the normal intake of water during the humid season should be “3 litres (12 glasses) for men and 2.2 litres (11 glasses) for women.” However, in certain diseases or health conditions, where they may be water retention or some such problem, take your physician’s advice regarding your daily intake of water.

As far as beauty is concerned, internal health and external beauty are two sides of the same coin. Drinking enough water helps to keep the system cleansed and keeps the pores of the skin from getting clogged and leading to skin problems. It helps to have clear, glowing skin. Since water also helps to hydrate the skin, drinking adequate water helps dry skins and delays visible ageing signs on the skin, like wrinkles and lines. In fact, drinking less water can lead to poor muscle tone, which also hastens sagging of dry skin.

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