A Modern Classic Abode

This NYC Private Residence Décor is an epitome of art and architectural design

The architectural and design bureau N&G Ananiev Interiors which was founded in Russia in 2002 by a family and creative duet – Nadezhda and George Ananyev, engages in a full cycle of works: architectural design, construction, design & project management and this NYC Private Residence Décor persists to be one of their most aesthetic engagements.

This company works with a wide range of styles – from art deco to mid-century, but always in their own way, following the logic of space and the wishes of the customer. So, Covet House proved to be the most powerful tool to inspire and to boost creativity, with more than 1700 products and 1300 inspirations from a midcentury to modern classic style, was the perfect match for this project.

Trusting in the brands under the Covet House name like Boca Do Lobo, Delightfull, Brabbu, Koket, Maison Valentina, Circu, Luxxu, Essential Home, Rug’s Society, Pullcast and Foogo was best way to produce a luxury design interior that’s both retro and classic but also contemporary.

Humble Beginnings

Nadezhda and George met the owners of this property ten years ago the family with Russian roots decided to reinvent the house they bought in 1980s-1990s near New York and make it their permanent address, still reminiscent of the late 80’s with a retro appeal, but still a very modern twist on the overall aesthetics.

Imagined in blazing and unusual colors and the very own play on them: the result was an amazing interior in vintage style with contemporary furniture. The mixture of pattern and materials, but specially the blend of different shapes: Harsh and strict lines from the vintage furniture batter completely with the shapeless and fluidity the modern designs, creating an appealing and showstopper interior design.

It was important to make a statement with expressive walls through bright wallpapers, combine artistic and remarkable furniture and also outstanding and even provocative pieces of art.
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