The Visionary Leader

Arun Jindal, Director, Chandigarh Citi Center followed the righteous hierarchy by stepping in the real estate sector

The second generation entrepreneur from the family of Branala Builders, Arun Jindal was brought-up learning the dynamics of the real estate industry. Ever since childhood, he had a keen interest in the real estate industry and as he grew up, he decided to take the plunge in 2013 and lay the foundation stone of CCC.

What effect do the city and the state have on your project?

The case is a little different when you talk about Chandigarh Citi Center. It is this project that has made an impact on the city. It has given the city a one-stop destination for all their needs.

So, why build workplaces? What was the purpose of providing a quality commercial centre to the people in Zirakpur? What attracted you to participate in this business?

Responding to the customer demand and understanding the city requirement is quintessential and that’s what motivated us to take the plunge. This exponentially growing city requires a lot of organized retail fueling and there is an ever-growing demand for business spaces. So, we decided to make it more equipped and organized in the best of our ability. It is going to become a business hub soon and CCC is just the beginning of a better living for the city for the residents.

Additionally, when you are in a city with an airport, long term commercial development model is ensured. 

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