The true flavours of Punjab – Beeji’s Seasonal Delights

The traditional flavours that our parents grew up with are getting extinct with time and today’s generation is being exposed to more international flavours than the ones from their own roots. In an effort to spread the flavours of Punjab, Komal Randhawa from Beeji’s Seasonal Delights talks about her mission and her journey till now.

What was your vision behind Beeji’s Seasonal Delights? How has the journey been till now?

Beeji’s Seasonal Delights in the conventional terminology is a startup but we never visualized it as one. Our start may be humble, but our vision has always been global. We saw a huge potential for Punjabi grandmother recipes in the global context. The journey so far has been truly gratifying. Starting with a humble home delivery of the quintessential Punjabi saag and gajrela, we have been able to create a niche for us globally. The diaspora’s craving for things traditional is well acknowledged and reaching out to them was a natural trajectory which we explored to the fullest. To cut it short, it is an ongoing journey with all its crests and troughs which we will gladly embrace and whose first step we have just taken.

What is your best-selling product and what is the secret behind it?

As far as our best-selling product is concerned, it is difficult to pin-point one, as many of our products are competing neck to neck. We offer plethora of products and each product of ours has a different customer base. For celebratory occasions, our Makhana Panjeeri and Sattu Ladoos are doing extremely well. Our Classic Tea Masala and Thandai mix are being well embraced in the beverage category. As far as chutneys go, mango and amla chutney are a rage. Among the pickles, garlic and mixed vegetable pickle remain an eternal favourite.