The Trailblazer

“The success mantra to lead is to know how to convert your limitations into strengths,” believes Nidhi Yadav, Creative Head, AKS – Ethnic Wear

Sometimes in life, there comes a point of self-discovery where the omens guide us to our true calling and this point came in Nidhi Yadav’s life while she was pursuing her fashion designing course in Italy where she thoroughly studied the business model of the iconic brand, Zara. Inspired by their success, she decided to replicate it in AKS, a brand of Yuvdhi Apparels, founded by Nidhi.

Here’s an exclusive conversation with Ms. Nidhi Yadav, a recipient of Young Women Entrepreneur for Apparel Brand Start Up the platform by Indian Women Convention 2018 & Women Leadership.

Provide us an insider’s view into your professional journey so far?

It all started back in Italy when I was studying fashion merchandising and as part of the course got an opportunity to do a six-month project on the premium fashion brand, Zara. The quick response with which the supply chain processes of Zara are getting new styles to the market deeply moved and motivated me to replicate the same in the Indian fashion scenes. It was with this motivation that I co-founded AKS in May 2014 under the banner of Yuvdhi Aparrels. In 2014, AKS generated Rs 1.60 crore in revenue, which climbed to Rs 8.50 crore the following year. It closed its third year with Rs 23 crore and fourth with Rs 48 crore. AKS has made Rs 75 crore till Q3 of the current fiscal and it has an average rate of run rate (ARR) of Rs. 100 crore in gross revenue, clocking 150-200 per cent top line growth.

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