The ‘Relationship’ Circle

Here’s why women end up dumping men!

In a relationship, it’s the man’s responsibility to guide himself and his woman into deeper feelings of love and attraction. A woman can help and even get really involved in the process, but it’s still the man’s responsibility to make sure that irrespective of any challenges they appear as a couple, their love, respect and attraction for each other deepens over time. The core reason for a woman to dump a man is when he fails to deepen her feelings of respect, attraction and love for him over time apart from these.


In the starting of a relationship, it is usually easy because everything is new and exciting. Both are going everywhere together and do simple things like going to a movie or eating at a restaurant. It is fun and exciting because both are together. Based on how many men feel for her woman, a man tries hard to make her woman feel happy, loved and do all other sweet and lovely stuff. However, over time, guys start to become a little comfortable in the relationship and slip into the habit of taking their woman for granted. Initially, being a housewife for him might feel good to her because staying home means they can spend more time together, but if you know women, you will know that their enthusiasm about something doesn’t last forever. If you want to keep a woman happy for life, you’ve got to mix up the experience to keep things interesting, otherwise, she will start getting bored and would like to find inspiration elsewhere. The eagerness of being with you and doing the same things repeatedly might last for months or even for years, but eventually, she’s going to be bored and if you don’t care to change things up, she will, in the end, cheat on you or break up with you.

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