The Shoulder King of North India

The leading shoulder and knee ligament surgeon in North India, Dr Manit Arora provides a sneak-peek into his trailblazing journey!

A man to reckon with an unflinching zeal to contribute indispensably towards the expertise of Orthopaedics, Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine, Dr Manit Arora is a name synonymous with the ‘Shoulder King of North India’.

So, in this exclusive interview, we explore more about his trailblazing journey.

Walk us through your journey of becoming an Orthopaedics, Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine surgeon.

My journey has been very fascinating indeed. My family emigrated to Australia when I was in primary school, where I spent the good part of almost 25 years. During this time, I had the privilege to attend the top two schools in Australia, Sydney Boys High School and James Ruse High School. These schools taught me discipline and hard work.

The Australian Government gave me a full scholarship to study MBBS at the University of New South Wales in Sydney Australia and went on to get multiple awards during my MBBS years including the Deans List and Hazzel Morris Award for Medicine. I was excellent at anatomy and during my MBBS, the Professor of Anatomy recruited me to be a teacher for younger MBBS students and I was offered a job at UNSW during the summers to help design a summer anatomy teaching program which I did with much relish and gusto.

After I graduated with honours from MBBS and having achieved the Deans Award one of my famous Professors of Orthopaedics asked me to join their surgical program for research in the field of Orthopaedics. So, while I started my internship and residency at St George Public Hospital in Sydney, I simultaneously enrolled and achieved the Masters in Surgery and went on to get a Masters of Sports Medicine. My research work has become the bedrock of global orthopaedic research in that specific field and is still considered as one of the pioneering studies in Australia.

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