Reconstructing lives

Four of India’s leading cosmetic surgeons come together to run the region’s most advanced practice

Amolak Singh Grewal

Medicine is ever-evolving — every form has changed since its origins. Generations of practitioners have faced vanity and deformity in equal measure – of the face, bodily features, and so on. Our ancestors could not alter appearances or correct disfigurements due to technical hindrances but things have indeed evolved from when Cleopatra desired a shorter nose. However, it’s only as good as those using it: in this case, the highly skilled and renowned surgeons from the Tricity Institute of Plastic Surgery and VM Plastic Surgery coming together to offer the best reconstructive and cosmetic surgery services in the region.

Established in 2012, TIPS is a collective endeavour by doctors S.S. Makkar, K.D. Aneja and Ankur Sood. The three have to their credit a combined experience exceeding 40 years, and welcoming Dr. V.D. Singh of VM Plastic Surgery to their venture adds another 25 years of experience to cater to patients of all walks of life.

We welcome Dr. Singh to the TIPS family and are proud to have him with us,” says Dr. Sood, who was taught by Dr. Singh. “I have been passionate about plastic surgery ever since I joined the medical profession,” elucidates Dr. Singh who joined pre-University medicine at Government Medical College Amritsar. From there, his career led to him establishing the region’s first private practice in 1995 making him the most experienced plastic surgeon here today. He also holds a visiting professorship from the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India, and regularly trains junior plastic surgeons and dermatologists from the region. He is also a visiting faculty at institutions in Canada and Brazil, amongst other countries.

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