The Persistent Journey: Anupam Gupta

Constructing quality & building trust across the skyline of North India

“Quality performance, a positive attitude is all you need to reach your goals,” aptly believes Mr. Anupam Gupta

By Nimrar Kaur Narang

His sales and marketing genius are known as his trademark, while his vision and working style are the strength to the pillars of GBP Group. He is a man of few words more actions, fewer trials more expertise. We bring to you a conversation with the entrepreneur who started his journey with an idea and a barren land, a heart full of passion and a determination sky high. We met the man who redefined real estate in North India, Mr. Anupam Gupta, Director Sales, and brought to you the success mantra and the insights of GBP Group.

The man who has taken GBP Group to heights unimaginable, the positive force behind raising the levels of growth of the group multi-fold within a short span of time and to say the least a businessman who is setting benchmark for others to follow in the real estate market by changing lifestyle of people, setting unimaginably novel standards of living and developing modern infrastructure that matches boundaries of perfection.

With a multifaceted experience of over twelve years in Sales in Banking, Insurance and real estate sector, Mr. Anupam Gupta, Director Sales has worked tirelessly to make his ideas form into giant real estate projects.

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