An Ode to Education

“It seems lucrative, but the business of education calls for being selfless and passionate, whilst nurturing others to do the same”, says Satnam Singh, Chancellor of Chandigarh University

By Amolak Singh Grewal

Satnam Singh Sandhu comes across as any other serious business person. There is of course more to the man than what his appearance reveals. Behind the dapper gentleman who runs a business empire that nurtures and fulfils the dreams of some 45,000 youths every year is a man from humble origins who understands the importance of being passionate about your goals and pursuing your dreams by following the right path. Chandigarh University, a renowned brand in the region is home to a multitude of departments and institutions that cater to a variety of students who come from all walks of life, and even from abroad.

While Satnam caters to helping others build their own fortunes, his own rise has been nothing short of inspirational. “I came from a very simple family – my father worked in the fields as a farmer and he did the work himself. I grew up without electricity,” he states.

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