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The Maverick of Magnificence

Hailed as the man shaping skylines, architect Tripat Girdhar and his team at The Design Studio have taken Punjab’s real estate industry by storm with their creativity and innovation.

Amolak Singh Grewal

The real estate boom in the greater tricity region and in Punjab has given rise to a new wave of entrepreneurs who are regarded as masters of their respective fields. A fine example of such a master is Tripat Girdhar — the architect is bringing Punjab’s real estate industry to life by helping builders turn their dreams into a reality. Since establishing his practice, The Design Studio in 2009, Tripat and his team have been responsible for over 100 esteemed projects in the region. Here is a detailed insight into what drives the maestro:

What inspired you to become an architect, and how did you get started in the industry?

Entering this field began with the process of learning architecture by enrolling myself for a B. Arch degree after my schooling. But I began by learning from ancient architecture. I am drawn towards historical structures like the Agra Fort and the Jaisalmer Fort. Whatever they would build, it was planned and built in a way that made it last for centuries. My source of inspiration is Hafeez Contractor — he is the master of our field, and he is energetic. The play of form in his architecture is most inspiring.

Can you describe your business philosophy and your approach towards architecture?

Architecture is a service-oriented industry, and our business philosophy is to work hard by creating innovative designs and providing a valuable product to our clients. Our approach towards architecture is to strictly follow the principles of safety towards life and ideal architecture.

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