‘The largest chain of Brew-Pub in India’

Mr Arundeep Singla, Managing Director, The Brew Estate sheds light on what motivated him to take the plunge, the future of the brew-pub industry, and lots more!

By: Bhavya Gaind 

Born and brought-up in the non-descript city, Sunam in Punjab, Mr Arundeep Singla pursued a Masters in Finance from Melbourne where he came across a revelation of the culture and concept of brew-pub that struck a chord with him and ever since then, there has been no turning back. 

“This culture sparked a question in my mind “If they can, why not us?” This curiosity made me discover many things about the brew-pub industry. Now this industry wasn’t mysterious for me, so I returned to India in 2008. Here, I started looking for the opportunities and need of people because a storm was in my mind to change the Brew-pub Industry of India. To make it successful, I dedicated one year in the research and groundwork. And in no time, I set up my alcohol brand “Rock & Storm” and introduced my first plant in 2009 entered the market of Delhi in 2011,” shared Singla.

“I was vigorously working on the foundation of combining affordability with availability. To explore more about the Brew-pub industry I started going on subsequent visits in Europe, Belgium, and the UK. In 2015, Brew-pub law in Chandigarh was instituted and this sparked a thought in my mind. I was determined to lay the first stone of the combination of restaurant and brew-pub and for this Chandigarh was the best place. First of all, it was the untouched region and Chandigarh – The City Beautiful is the connecting point of many states such as Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, and Haryana. I have been working with The Brew Estate as Managing Director from last 4 years,” he further added. 

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