Not a Wasted Word

UM reveals CEO & Founder, Rumour Books India, Radhika Panickar Serai’s world of books and more

Radhika Panickar Serai walks in smelling of freshly printed books, baby food & a dash of cologne. CEO & Founder, Rumour Books India, Radhika stepped foot into the world of publishing in 2013 and has never looked back since. Beneath the velvet voice is a cut-throat best-seller churning publisher. UM reveals Radhika’s world of books and more.

What made you choose to publish as a career?

Nothing excites me more than a well-written unpublished manuscript. Growing up I always fancied books, apart from just reading them, I enjoyed the whole experience a book offered. The touch & feel of every book is so different than the other. The fact that there is no better escape from reality than a book also fascinated me.  A couple of career choices later I figured literature to be my first love so what better career than publishing!

 What is it like to publish books in an era when reading is not a fad anymore?

 This is exactly why I’m publishing books. I grew up on good books & I can’t stress enough on the relevance of reading habit in this era. Try remembering what mornings were like not too long ago, people reading newspapers at home, in the streets was a common sight. Sadly, now we are all victims of the world social media domination.

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