The Fine Art Of Juggling Brushes And Milk Bottles!

Makeup artist Shubhdeep Gill’s life may be all about the glamour, whilst maintaining perfect harmony with her school-going toddler

By: Amolak Singh Grewal

Shubhdeep Gill strikes as a remarkably nonchalant individual for somebody who happens to be an effortless multitasker with significant success as an independent businesswoman. As a successful makeup artist, she should practically be missing sleep. But wait, there’s a plot twist — she’s the mother of a toddler who recently started his school journey and she balances motherhood with entrepreneurship in a manner of ease that may even make monks jealous. She modestly remarks, “To be honest, it is challenging with a small baby. There are sleepless nights, but I kept going at it and tried to balance it all – while I wasn’t working, I was giving him my 100% but if I was at work, then I was at work.

Appreciative of the assistance her family pitched in, Shubhdeep gracefully acknowledges the role they’ve played in her journey so far. But as the saying goes – no journey worth taking is ever easy and Shubhdeep’s is no different. “As a new mother, the concept of motherhood is completely new. Balancing work with the nuances of motherhood – the personal and the professional was not a walk in the park,” she elucidates. The teachings of motherhood that Shubhdeep speaks of are lessons that she has even implemented into her business. “Motherhood has made indeed me patient,” exclaims Shubhdeep. Which, according to her is one of the important qualities that every makeup artist should have. Professionalism and punctuality are also two qualities that every makeup artist should embody as per Shubhdeep.

It is of course, important to note that she is not alone and behind every successful mom-preneur is a highly efficient team working to ensure everything operates smoothly like a well-oiled machine. She shares further, “We are highly organised when it comes to our bookings — every single client is given a timeslot and it is strictly followed. I am a very organised person, but with a little extra help it ensures a smooth schedule.” Comprising of an assistant, a hairstylist, a manager and a separate PR team, Shubhdeep’s squad of efficient taskmasters is with her every step of the way but in no way does that mean she’s absent without leave. As a matter of fact, most of the time, Shubhdeep takes her own bookings and largely manages her own schedule. Only if she’s too occupied and unable to take a call, does her manager speak on her behalf and take bookings.

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