The Cosmetology Queen of Amritsar

Dr. Komal Jerath

Her fascination towards art and science of Facial esthetics and facial contouring brought her to the field of dermatology. With clinical cosmetology not being very common at that time, she still heard her calling and went ahead with her vision which made her dreams come true. Dr. Komal Jerath, the name behind Dr. Komal Laser Skin Centre talks to Urban Melange about how she introduced cosmetology to Amritsar.

Break some myths that people have when it comes to getting any skin treatment.

It’s a deep-seated myth that if you get any form of aesthetic anti-ageing treatments, then you are ruining your face and skin and in times to come you shall have to cope-up with a miserable face. The fact is that the ageing process in the present-day world with all the stress and strains, starts at an early age of 30 and if proper daily skincare routine, aesthetic consultation and required treatments are followed, then not only you look much younger, but your skin also stays healthy. The present-day procedures work deep within the skin to reignite the sleeping cells of the skin.

What has been the biggest challenge for you till now?

One of the biggest challenges which I faced was to complete my dermatology degree with my first child being barely one year old. The post-graduation requires a lot of study alongside attending to your daily hospital duties. So, carrying a small child in my lap and finishing all this was a challenge. Thanks to my mother and my mother-in-law who supported me during these tough times to see me sail through.

Yours was the first cosmetology Centre in Amritsar. How did you make people understand about the treatments?

When I introduced the first clinical cosmetology Centre after training from Mumbai and other places in India, it was actually a tough ask to make the people aware about the need for these aesthetic treatments. I thought it was apt to first try all these treatments on my own skin and that’s how I became confident that these treatments definitely work, and I could be an example for others. Though it took a long time but slowly I was successful in convincing the people about the science behind the aesthetic procedures.

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