The Art of Deliciousness

Upneet Bhatia’s journey to become a successful Cake Artist was not exactly a piece of cake, but she surely makes it sound like a cakewalk…

When Chandigarh’s Queen of Cakes expressed her desire to establish herself as a Cake Artist, she was not exactly expecting criticism from her family and friends. Fuelled with passion and determination, Upneet broke through the shackles of society and traditional values, steering away from a lack of support and started working out of her own kitchen.

An MBA graduate, Upneet’s daily routine of working with her family business could not fill the void that she had been experiencing from the start. Her purpose of life, yet not discovered, left her with an unfulfilling feeling.

Upneet had always been fond of baking and spent numerous hours in the kitchen experimenting with different ingredients since childhood. Hobby turned into passion and passion turned into profession! Right after a Eureka moment, she decided to establish her own brand of cakery, ‘The Cakewalkerz’.

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