Choose Your Beauty Products Wisely

In this era of ‘instant’ lifestyle, instant beauty transformation is certainly a myth!

These days advertisements that claim false instant transformation like “fairer in seven days” are seen to be a common sight and needless to say, 99.9% of the times, such claims are close to impossible. These beauty products often contain chemicals like mercury and hydroquinone, whose prolonged use can lead to skin damage, organ malfunction and even poisoning.

However, at Just Herbs, we believe that skincare products and advice should be factual and not just gratifying with misleading images of photo-shopped models.  We are a completely ‘Made in India’, international line of pure, bespoke, Ayurvedic and PETA-certified beauty products, and here we pen down some facts that will help you choose your beauty products wisely.

Skin Transformation Instantly

Our skin cells are regularly regenerated. When we are babies, our skin cell turnover (lifecycle of skin cells) is of approximately 14 days. However, during our teenage, it further increases to 21 to 28 days and as we age further, the cell turnover keeps on slowing down becoming 30 to 40 days; which can eventually go on to more than 3 months! This process of renewal is basically that of exfoliation (shedding) of the epidermis.

On an average, a skin turnover cycle lasts about 3-4 weeks and that is exactly how much time you must give any skincare product to show results. So, if see logically, “fairer in seven days” is no less than a fallacy.

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