The Anticlock Guide to Facial Skin Tightening

Welcome to the world of timeless beauty and youthful radiance at Anticlock Clinic and Medispa! Discover the secrets to flawless skin and effective facial skin tightening as we delve into a range of innovative treatments. We talked to Dr. Puneet Kapoor and Dr. KM Kapoor who are dedicated to transforming your skincare journey with a personal touch.

What does Anticlock Clinic and Medispa have to offer in this segment?

Anticlock Clinic and Medispa is a one stop place for individuals seeking skin tightening and skin rejuvenation. We have an in-house plastic surgeon, a dermatologist, and an aesthetic physician, and therefore we are able to offer both non-invasive, minimally invasive as well as surgical options under one roof. Thus we are equipped to give you the most suitable option for your individual concern.

In non-invasive category, we utilize advanced technologies like Ultherapy, Forma, Alma Hybrid Softlift. In minimally invasive category we have Morpheus8, Dermapen4 micro needling, Facetite, Necktite, Acutite, Definisse threads to provide effective solutions. Amongst surgical options we offer surgical facelifts, necklifts and blepharoplasties. With all these options, we can now tighten the skin in all its layers – from most superficial epidermal level, subepidermal level, dermal level and the deeper SMAS layer which binds muscles to the dermis.

I’ve heard about Ultherapy. What exactly is it?

Ultherapy is a non-invasive procedure that uses ultrasound technology to lift and tighten skin. With its ability to induce collagen formation in the deeper SMAS layer, this is the only noninvasive treatment that not only tightens the skin, but lifts it too, resulting in a natural, more youthful appearance. Since it doesn’t involve any needles or medication being injected, we love to call it a ‘completely organic facelift’.

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