The A-Z of Wedding Planning

It isn’t easy to decide whether you want to be a pastel bride or the traditional bride wearing red coloured lehenga. Even the question of choosing your make-up artist takes a whole lot of time to answer. Before you turn into a Bridezilla, we have it all planned and listed out for you. Here is an A-Z guide for every bride-to-be to help her tick off the small little details before the D-day.

  1. Advice

Everyone around you is an expert and has an opinion of their own. You need not hear to every tom, dick and harry but only trust the handful of people you mostly rely on. Your vendors and your make-up artist, your designer, they are the professionals you must take advice from.

  • Budget

The Big Fat Indian Wedding generally doesn’t work on a fixed budget, it always exceeds that by the end of everything. But to keep yourself and your pocket happy, you must dedicate a particular budget to every part of your planning, from your trousseau to the wedding venue, caterers, invitations, etc.

  • Catering

One thing that most guests focus on while at a wedding is food. This is one of the most crucial parts of your wedding planning. So, list out and select a few of your favourite caterers, try out their food and then narrow down to the one that you like the most.

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