Taking the Road Less Travelled

A clinical psychologist by profession and now a self-taught baker, Aanchal Punchhi is one of the most-loved bakers of the region!

Aanchal Punchhi was passionate about baking ever since the tender age of 13. However, her typical baking scenario started while seeing her mother bake a cake. With the passage of time, it grew out to be her passion and she decided to pursue her passion professionally and lay the foundation stone of her brand Dé Chokcolat.

I thought of giving it a try and floated the launch message, and within a few hours I started to receive orders. I can proudly say, my first client was an unknown person, and I didn’t start by selling to family and friends and that gave me a lot of confidence. I was doing personalised chocolates with intricate edible beadwork and was customising each and every piece of chocolate as per the demand of the client,” reminisced Punchhi who started with personalised chocolates and gradually paved her way to a host of delectable desserts.

 Why did you choose this profession? Did it turn out to be just as you expected?

I am a clinical psychologist by profession and now a self-taught baker. I feel when you’re in love with your hobby it automatically drives you to do what you really want to do. Art has always been something I was passionate about and when I tried putting my skills into baking it gave me immense happiness. Having no professional knowledge at first about baking, it was really a challenging task: from understanding the ingredient to knowing how to make the right use of it to experiment with temperature. Initially, there were days when I had more free days than working days and it was that phase when I doubted my decision, but I decided not to give up. I served a few clients in the first 2 years of my baking career, but made a good impact on my clients, by being consistently focused on maintaining the best quality of work.

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