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‘Supportive environment at home maintains the equilibrium’

They’ve known each other for almost whole their lives and are best friends to each other before being a couple or partners in business. Jaskaran Deol and Renu Dhaliwal have created this wonderful brand of bespoke furniture by the name of Woods by Jaskaran Deol. In conversation with Urban Melange, they talk about maintaining the work-life balance and how they are moving forward in business with e-commerce.

What motivates you the most?

Life’s drive comes from our children, seeing them happy and healthy fills our heart with contentment. On work front we both being people’s person, client’s appreciation motivates us to do better. Making lifelong friends from clients keeps us going strong.

Where do you see your brand five years down the line?

Well, we wish to be part of every opulent abode throughout India and expand into new geographic market every year. Having said that, the company doesn’t want to grab low hanging fruits and get into mass production immediately. We have our goals clear and are taking cautious baby steps towards it.

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